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Rapid Non-destructive Genotyping of Live Zebrafish Embryos

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About us

wFluidx is a startup company formed in 2017 by experts in the fields of medicine, zebrafish, and microfluidics. Our motivation is to accelerate research using zebrafish, and enable novel applications of zebrafish in applied genomics and drug discovery.  We are excited to bring our first technology for global distribution (live embryo genotyping).  The continuing mission of wFluidx is to bring new technologies to market by leading commercialization efforts in collaboration with research institutes.

Our Technology

Our technology is the Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG). ZEG basically comprises of a microfluidic system that extracts genetic material (GM) from live zebrafish embryos within a few days of their birth. The system keeps the embryos alive during GM extraction. The GM is then collected for subsequent DNA amplification & detection. Hence, live and unharmed embryos of known genotype can be analyzed further, used for subsequent experiments, or raised to adulthood.  This is achieved rapidly, in 1 hour for 96 embryos; is technically straightforward; is robust to detecting different genotypes; and other than the microfluidic system itself, does not require investment in training skilled personnel or purchasing expensive capital equipment. This system offers a significant savings of time and money for research groups utilizing zebrafish.  Finally, the system makes possible experiments and screening strategies that are not possible with existing technology.
ZEG research & development has been funded by National Institutes of Health, USA with strong collaboration with zebrafish labs around the globe. Hence, we strongly believe the ZEG can add value to efforts of research teams focused on utilizing zebrafish models.

ZEG's Technical Specifications & Capabilities

  1. Foot print is 6 x 6 inch (approx.)

  2. Extracts genetic material from 96 emrbyos (~ 72 hpf) within an hour

  3. Genotyping sensitvity > 80 %

  4. Embryo survivability > 90 %

  5. Extracted genetic material can be identified using gel electrophoresis, HRMA (high resolution melting analysis), and Sequencing

  6. No observed effects on embryos' morphology, or behavior at 7 dpf (after processed by ZEG at 72 hpf)

  7. Embryos processed by ZEG can be raised to adulthood


10th European Zebrafish Meeting


We presented a poster on our technology at the 2017 European Zebrafish Conference in Hungary, July 3 - 7.

Click the PDF to download the poster.

Zebrafish Facility Workshop 


Presented by a ZEG user at the Zebrafish Facility Workshop in Lisbon 2018.

Click the PDF to download presentation

Journal Publication

We recently published a study on ZEG highlighting its capabilites for rapid zebrafish genotyping.

Click the PDF to download the manuscript.

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