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Enhance Your Zebrafish Lab’s Capabilities: Discover the ZEG

White Zebrafish Embryo Genotyper

Zebrafish Embryo Genotyper Unit

The ZEG uses harmonic oscillation of embryos over
a roughened glass surface to obtain genetic
material that can be directly used for genotyping.

The ZEG Unit Includes:
a. Case
b. ZEG Chip Platform and Lid
c. Control Unit
d. Power Cord (International Cords Available)
e. ZEG Serial Number

Unit Price: $4,900

ZEG Chip 6 Pack

The ZEG Chips utilize a microfluidic slide with 24-wells, allowing simultaneous processing of
numerous zebrafish embryos in a single run.

ZEG Chips are one-time use and have a shelf-life of 6 months.

The ZEG Chip Includes:
a. Glass Slide
b. Hydrophobic Tape
c. 24 Wells per Chip

Pack (6 Slides) Price: $65

ZEG Chips

ZEG Workflow

  1. Manually Load Embryos onto ZEG Chip
  2. Place Chip into ZEG and Run
  3. Collect Samples and Run Downstream Analysis

Shipping and Refunds

Shipping cost will be added to the final invoice, typically use FedEx. 5-7 business days or as requested.

No trial period for ZEG, but if you decide that the ZEG is not for your lab, you can return the ZEG for a $500 restocking fee, after received refund will be initiated.

Download the ZEG White Paper and learn how to accelerate your research discoveries!

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