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ZEG Unit

We are excited to share the news that ZEG is available for sale. Commercial sale of ZEG initially began at the International Zebrafish Conference at Madison in June 2018, and there has been strong enthusiasm from research teams in acquiring ZEG.

Our technology is the Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG). ZEG basically comprises of a microfluidic system that extracts genetic material (GM) from live zebrafish embryos within a few days of their birth. The system keeps the embryos alive during GM extraction. The GM is then collected for subsequent DNA amplification & detection. Hence, live and unharmed embryos of known genotype can be analyzed further, used for subsequent experiments, or raised to adulthood.  This is achieved rapidly, in 1 hour for 96 embryos; is technically straightforward; is robust to detecting different genotypes; and other than the microfluidic system itself, does not require investment in training skilled personnel or purchasing expensive capital equipment. This system offers a significant savings of time and money for research groups utilizing zebrafish.  Finally, the system makes possible experiments and screening strategies that are not possible with existing technology.
ZEG research & development has been funded by National Institutes of Health, USA with strong collaboration with zebrafish labs around the globe. Hence, we strongly believe the ZEG can add value to efforts of research teams focused on utilizing zebrafish models.


ZEG pricing

ZEG consists of two parts: a Base Unit and single-use disposable chips. Each chip can be loaded on the base unit and can extract genetic material (GM) from 24 embryos in 7.5 minutes. Including embryo loading and genetic material extraction (using regular lab pipettes), 96 embryos can undergo GM extraction in an hour through ZEG.

The price of Base Unit is US $4900. With the purchase of the Base Unit the first 10 chips are free and each chip after that is sold at US $10. The price/chip reduces with high volume orders. There is a discount on the Base Unit for customers based in non-profit/academic institutes. Please contact us to get further details on discount pricing.

Your lab can test ZEG for a month and if you determine that it does not meet your needs you can return the unit to wFluidx for a refund except for a US $500 restocking fee. The price for the Base Unit includes 1 year warranty on parts.


Please contact us at info@wfluidx.com for quotations and acquiring ZEG.


ZEG's Technical Specifications & Capabilities

  1. Foot print is 6 x 6 inch (approx.)

  2. Extracts genetic material from 96 emrbyos (~ 72 hpf) within an hour

  3. Genotyping sensitvity > 80 %

  4. Embryo survivability > 90 %

  5. Extracted genetic material can be identified using gel electrophoresis, HRMA (high resolution melting analysis), and Sequencing

  6. No observed effects on embryos' morphology, or behavior at 7 dpf (after processed by ZEG at 72 hpf)

  7. Embryos processed by ZEG can be raised to adulthood