Limited time ZEG Collaboration Offer

$2700 ZEG base unit with a subscription of 120 chips (at $10/chip) and basic run data (see below) on all chips should be provided. Shipments of chips will be made in 3 or fewer shipments. Run-data on 120 chips should be provided within a period of 4 months since the first delivery of chips. wFluidx will provide a single page electronic form that can be easily filled to provide this data.



  1. Information about embryo survivability (test vs control) of survivability of embryos after being processed by ZEG was less than 90%.

  2. Information about genotyping sensitivity. This sensitivity can only be determined if one starts with a known number of mutants that have a specific gene, and processes them through ZEG to extract genetic material (say this number is 'A'). DNA amplification and detection is performed on the extracted genetic material and then the number of embryos successfully genotyped is found (say this number is 'B'). The genotyping sensitivity would then be B/A.

  3. Type of PCR performed

  4. Method of DNA identification (electrophoresis, melting analysis, or sequencing)

  5.  Information about base unit settings. The technology involves a base unit (almost the size of a 6-inch cube) and a disposable chip on which embryos are loaded for genetic material extraction. The base unit settings for a particular run simply involves two values: power setting (on the LED display of the base unit), and time for extraction.

  6. Number of chips used.

  7. Any other problems encountered.

Optional: Any suggestions to improve the technology are very much appreciated

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