The Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG) is an automated microfluidic system that extracts genetic material from live zebrafish embryos. The genetic material can then be used for downstream DNA genotyping and analysis.

Benefits of ZEG:

  • Rapid extraction, 96 embryos can be sampled in an hour
  • The sampling process is non-destructive - embryos can be sampled, and then be raised to adulthood.
  • Robust to detecting different genotypes
  • The ZEG is simple to use, with few moving parts – it does not require investment in training personnel or purchasing expensive capital equipment
  • Offers a significant savings of time and money – Zebrafish can be sampled at the embryonic stage, and can be sampled in a fraction of the time required by fin-clippling.
  • Makes possible experiments and screening strategies on a scale and on timeframes that are not possible with current technology

ZEG research & development has been funded by National Institutes of Health, USA with strong collaboration with zebrafish labs around the globe. The ZEG is a critical tool that can add value to efforts of research teams that rely on zebrafish models.

Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG)


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