We are excited to share the news that ZEG is available for sale. Commercial sale of ZEG initially began at the International Zebrafish Conference at Madison in June 2018, and there has been strong enthusiasm from research teams in acquiring ZEG.

ZEG pricing

ZEG consists of two parts: a Base Unit and single-use disposable chips. Each chip can be loaded on the base unit and can extract genetic material (GM) from 24 embryos in 7.5 minutes. Including embryo loading and genetic material extraction (using regular lab pipettes), 96 embryos can undergo GM extraction in an hour through ZEG.

The price of Base Unit is US $4900. With the purchase of the Base Unit the first 10 chips are free and each chip after that is sold at US $10. The price/chip reduces with high volume orders.

Your lab can test ZEG for a month and if you determine that it does not meet your needs you can return the unit to wFluidx for a refund except for a US $500 restocking fee. The price for the Base Unit includes 1 year warranty on parts.

Please contact us at info@wfluidx.com for quotations and acquiring ZEG.

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